Human Nature

from by Cloud Caverns



Tell me of your dreams,
I can't bear witness to your crimes one more time.
Tell me what makes you feel,
what makes you tick, what makes you ill
What makes you scream?
Show me a pulse or anything, some little thing
that sets you apart from stone
Breathe whatever fact, whatever fiction,
whatever friction you bestow.

I will grow til the end of the world
I'll absolve you,
Til we're dead and we are dirt anew.
And the songs that we sing are out of tune,
and that's just fine.

Every step an anchor,
in a sea made up from all your mistakes.
Every breath, a broken word,
the paralyzing fear, 'oh, look how high the stakes are!'
I fear the time has come and gone,
to linger on those starry eyes and smile
When you got behind the wheel,
you made a choice, your mind still reeling,
for just a mile.

It will grow til the end of the world
It will dissolve you,
Til you're dead and you are dirt anew.
And the things that we feel are black and blue.
and that's just fine.


from Collective Memory, released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


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