Steady Things

from by Cloud Caverns



I can't explain the way I feel today,
Like the rugs been ripped out from under my frame.
Still here I stand, with some pride but no plan,
some flame but no fan to spread it around all the room.

When I wake up, that dream I always dreamt
comes alive with color and verve (to some extent)
We've extended the reach of family,
A support so tried and true,
we thought we'd break without them.

But we'll make due with what we have,
a love so large and grand, it could fill up a canyon
or an ocean run dry, by our excessive greed,
or our excessive need for steady things.

We threw ourselves headfirst into the banks,
took a chance, took a risk, when no one else would.
Now we're standing here face to red face,
our surroundings melt down to black and white blurs,
Mountain tops line far cross the sky,
and it never gets old, and I never know why,
or what caused us to think up this place
as a paradise built by hands close to breaking


from Collective Memory, released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Cloud Caverns

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