The Lowest Low

from by Cloud Caverns



This ain't a coup
This ain't a riot,
this ain't anything I ever knew
this ain't alive
but it's not dead yet, and it's between me and you

and i'll try to be,
but I won't like to be.

this ain't the world
this ain't the place I grew up in
this ain't a warm embrace
there's no smiles and there's no love here

still I try to be
what I want the world to be
I won't dive to the darkest place
to the lowest low

this aint the place
where I'd want to raise my children
this aint a race to the bottom like they'd have you suspect

I won't lie for a minute now.
I won't tell you we're finished now.
we're not the devil, no.
we're not, no..


from Collective Memory, released December 4, 2016



all rights reserved


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